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I've recently realized a flaw in my attempts to explain certain apparent truths I've come to think of as important to other people. That flaw is that I have forgotten several of the steps and important analogies I've come up with in the past that separate my thinking from other more common explanations that are perfectly reasonable to mistake for my actual thinking.
One such analogy is my thoughts on a new paradigm of programming involving contextual variables being the primary method of determining program execution paths, a very boring topic to those who aren't in the habit of being interested in finding new ways to shave the most noble beast of the yak. I've been feeling rather impotent and questioning if it was actually a revolutionary way of thinking at all after talking with a similarly obsessed individual a number of times until this evening when I remembered the book title I had thought of to publish this way of thinking. The book title was well thought out and perfectly described my dissatisfaction with other modern ways of thinking and I neglected to tell it to the person I was conversing with.
Now that I've remembered it, I'm feeling far more empowered to go through with writing that book and not feeling like I was simply misinformed.

Moral of the story: Stick to your guns also try and remember why you bought those guns in the first place. Try and keep your receipt.


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